Terms of use

Terms of use

In general

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Electronic communication

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Ordering and prices

The frontier insurance policy is ordered electronically, the so-called Internet shop. The process of contracting a frontier insurance policy is described here.


The frontier insurance policy can be paid by credit card using the CorvusPay system.


If you are not satisfied with the service, feel free to contact us at granicno@huo.hr We will forward your complaint to the responsible person upon receipt, of which you will be notified.

External services

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Intellectual property

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Phase 1. Sending a request to purchase a frontier insurance policy

The frontier insurance policy may only be purchased online for vehicles that are not registered in one of the member countries of the green card system at the time of purchase.
The process of purchasing a frontier insurance policy online takes place in two phases or four steps.

Step 1.

In the first step, it is necessary to fill in the application form for the purchase of a frontier insurance policy with the data needed to create a frontier insurance policy. Along with the data that need to be entered in the provided fields, it is necessary to load three images:

  • A picture of the vehicle showing the whole vehicle together with the registration number of the vehicle
  • 2 pictures of the vehicle license document (the vehicle license may not be folded in any part)
    a. Picture of the front of the vehicle license
    b. Picture of the back of the vehicle license

It is very important that the information about the e-mail address for communication is entered correctly, because all further communication will take place through that address.
After entering all the required data and loading all three images, you need to click on "SUBMIT", after which the system will save the request and send a message about the receipt of the request to the e-mail address designated for communication.

Phase 2. Payment of the frontier insurance policy based on the approved request

Step 2.

The Croatian Insurance Bureau will review the request within 24 hours and decide whether the request is correct and send a message to the e-mail address designated for communication.
If the request was not correct the message will state what was wrong.
If the request was correct, the message will contain a link to continue the frontier insurance online purchasing process. The link will be active for the next 72 hours (counting from the time the message is sent) or until the payment is successful.

Step 3.

In the third step, all data from the request will be displayed on the screen and two options will be offered:
- Continue to payment
- Cancel
In case of cancellation, the link from the message (step 3) will remain active.

Step 4.

In the fourth step, payment is made via CorvusPay - an advanced system for secure acceptance of payment cards via the Internet (Online Payment Security Statement)
After the successful payment, the system will send the following PDF documents to the designated e-mail address for communication:

  • Frontier insurance policy
  • Green Card
  • Frontier insurance conditions
Corvus PAY
MasterCard MAestro Visa